One-stop Fever Screening and Access Control

Identification, Body Temperature Measurement and Access Authorization in One Device.

Simultaneous Identification and Temperature Screening

Health Shield Powered by Facial Recognition is a total solution for security and health management. Our solution allows for various government institutions to act rapidly with real-time fever screening and access control within a single device. We believe that prevention is better than a cure. Regardless of whether they are government employees or visitors, access control and temperature measurement handled by our solution can be performed simultaneously, enabling government institutions to reduce time and manpower resources previously spent on these tasks. In additional, the facial recognition system is 100% contactless, helping prevent the transmission of viruses by touch. GIGABYTE Health Shield Powered by Facial Recognition, the ultimate solution for security and health management, is ready to help!

Why Health Shield Powered by Facial Recognition

  • Accuracy
    High Precision

    Excellent image recognition technology performs extraction of 128 different facial features.

  • AI
    Artificial Intelligence

    Accuracy of facial recognition is maintained via a built-in AI engine for optimal performance.

  • face_ID
    Temperature Tracking

    Individual health profiles are created and maintained with every recognition instance.

  • hands-free

    Zero contact identification to keep your hands clean!

  • surveillance
    Stereoscopic Vision

    Dual lens technology allows for accurate recognition even in insufficient ambient light.

  • dashboard_management
    Comprehensive Dashboard

    Single dashboard that presents real-time, multifaceted information reporting.

Facial Recognition with Body Temperature Measurement
Operate identification, access control, and body temperature screening by one device. Our solution designed to solve the issue without bringing any inconvenience to the usual routine. By protecting your precious talent assets, you are also contributing to epidemic prevention. Health shield powered by facial recognition technology can be deployed in the outpatient clinic, office area, an operating room, to build up a complete tracking history of attendance and body temperature.

Build a Smart City

  • Government Services Office

    Facial recognition and body temperature testing and filtering is performed faster and easier, reducing the time and workload of employees at a government services office so they can focus on their work.

  • Public Library

    As facial recognition algorithm learns from each recognition record, the user will not need to renew the picture on the ID card. The algorithm adapts gradually as the user grows and will be able to recognize the user many years after they first registered if they consistently using the recognition system.

  • Administration Office

    The facial recognition system and body temperature sensor work together to protect your precious employees, reducing the risk of cross-infection caused by touching or card swiping while decreasing time wasted queuing for body temperature checks.

You May Be Curious

How does recognition result link with body temperature record?
All recognition records and body temperature will listed under one’s personal account chronologically. Hence attendance can be made easily and body temperature records are queried easily in web-browsing console for target search and trace.
How is AI applying in this solution?
AI Facial Recognition Solution features intelligent algorithms that continue to learn and grow, recording and continuously correcting as users accumulate physical changes. Only this kind of software capability can maintain the most accurate and rigorous identification standards.
How to maintain data safety and avoid hackers? Is there a restriction on the system architecture?
No photos are stored at edge device but users' facial features which are protected using special technology to encrypt that cannot be used by other software. D/B server data structure is accessed by a program that can not be decoded by D/B tools.
How is the accuracy performance of facial recognition and body temperature measurement?
Powered by the latest algorithm, the facial recognition system achieves 99.8% of the high accuracy of identification. False Acceptance Rate (FAR) is less than 0.0001%, and False Rejection Rate (FRR) is no more than 3%. Temperature measurement achieves +/– 0.5 °C at the detecting distance of 50 cm.
What is the best distance for facial recognition? Is it the same as temperature measurement?
The ideal position for facial recognition and forehead thermal detection is 50 cm from the AIO lenses. Once a person stands 50 cm from the AIO lenses, the result of facial recognition and body temperature will display on the screen at once within one second.
What is the composition of the facial recognition device?
Our company provides facial recognition solution, let users experience one-stop products and services at the minimum cost of learning, the solution of AIO-FR, consisting of two hardware: AIO-M2, AIO-S1, and one software: GFacemanager. We support expansion in varied environments.
Is it possible to expand the AIO facial recognition edge devices?
Yes. The modular architecture is designed to be scalable and flexible to various environments. With different stages of installation plans, the system helps implementation in different sizes of companies, from S&M to cross-continent enterprise.

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