Virtual Fence (iFence)

A Virtual Barrier to Detect Restricted Entry Using Our 3D TOF Sensing Solution

An Effective Way to Monitor A Restricted Area and Give an Immediate Alert to Intrusion

The 3D TOF Sensor creates a virtual barrier to enhance security at buildings, museums or outside areas such as farms by detecting moving objects, preserving privacy while generating an alert once a suspicious object enters into the restricted area.
Why Virtual Fence
  • samrt_quick
    Real-Time Data Delivery

    Access and browse real-time object detection and image data instantly.

  • eco
    Low Power Consumption

    Optimized system management and algorithm to reduce power consumption.

  • plan_Deployment
    Easy Deployment

    Slim product design can be easily installed as an invisible decoration on the ceiling.

  • privacy
    Privacy Protection

    Only detects object movement and outlines to ensure personal privacy.

  • face_id_key
    High Accuracy Recognition

    Detects the number of people entering and leaving a given area with 99% accuracy.

  • safe
    Simple & Secure System Architecture

    Low hardware requirements to support a back-up system.

3D TOF Virtual Fence Makes Your Organization Safer and More Secure

  • Museum / Gallery

    A perfect location for a 3D TOF sensor is in large spaces such as exhibition halls or galleries, providing real-time surveillance of paintings or antiques for theft protection.

  • Hotel / Villa

    If any person or object enters a restricted zone, a warning alert will be sent to security to take immediate action.

  • Farm / Ranch

    To ensure animals and livestock stay inside a restricted area, and prevent suspicious people or animals from intruding from outside.

You May Be Curious

What's the camera viewing angle of your 3D TOF Sensing iFence Solution?
The viewing angel is 90° degree for viewing security area.
What's the requirement of image coverage environment to use 3D TOF Sensing Solution?
With the height of 2.7M~2.9M is the best range to install the device to cover viewing 12.1 ~14.9 square meter.
Do you have other TOF camera solutions for reference?
Yes, we have 320 x 240 high pixels available for more option on virtual fence solution.
How can I read the collected data? Do you provide software dashboard as well?
The data can be saved in TOF sensor and also been live broadcasting through dashboard.
How to work recorded data to connect with back-end server platform for file management?
For edging site, the data can be saved by TOF sensor right away then can allow to generate dashboard reports to save into servers by FTP upload.
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