Scale Up

  • What is it?
    To scale vertically is to scale up or down, and is defined as to add more resources, such as CPUs, memories, or GPUs, to nodes in a system. Such vertical scaling of existing systems also enables virtualization technology to be more effective, as it provides more resources for the hosted set of operating system and application modules to share.

     How to Build Your Data Center with GIGABYTE? A Free Downloadable Tech Guide
    GIGABYTE is pleased to publish our first long-form “Tech Guide”: an in-depth, multipart document shedding light on important tech trends or applications, and presenting possible solutions to help you benefit from these innovations. In this Tech Guide, we delve into the making of “Data Centers”—what they are, who they are for, what to keep in mind when building them, and how you may build your own with products and consultation from GIGABYTE.
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