Multi-access Edge Computing | 多接取邊緣運算架構

  • 多接取邊緣運算架構是什麼?
    多接取邊緣運算架構(Multi-access Edge Computing)或稱行動邊緣運算(Mobile Edge Computing),是一種新型態的網路服務架構,在行動網路的邊緣,提供雲端運算能力和 IT 服務環境。MEC 技術旨在直接由基地台取得數據資料,減少核心網路的負擔,在本地端進行高解析度的影像處理和數據發送,不需等待遠端伺服器回應,因而降低延遲,能夠靈活、快速地提供新的應用與服務,讓使用者獲得較好的體驗。

  • 為何需要?
    隨著智慧型手機普及,串流影音、通訊軟體等網路服務的成長,行動網路的流量持續增長;MEC 實現邊緣運算的理念,讓電影、電玩遊戲、VR / AR應用程式和其他多媒體內容等,不用放置在遠端的資料中心,而是在本地邊緣雲,讓資料更接近使用者,因此減少延遲、也降低對頻寬要求。例如,熱門的影片內容可以在無線基地台保存,減少資料因網路傳遞、處理而產生的延遲和成本,還能縮短下載時間。


  • 技嘉的特色
    技嘉與工研院(工業技術研究院,ITRI)合作,共同開發實施 MEC所需的硬體和軟體架構。


    Over 100,000 Pokémon Fanatics Gather to Catch ‘Em All - See How GIGABYTE’s High Density Servers Help Maintain Law & Order
    Large scale events can lead to a sudden surge in crowds, creating cellular network congestion. Even if the user capacity of a cell tower user is upgraded, the network operator is still unable to cope with an abrupt increase in demand. In 2019 Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) therefore designed and built a “Private Cell Mobile Command Vehicle”, which can deploy a pre-5G private cellular network to avoid the problem of commercial network traffic jams. The vehicle provides the New Taipei City Police Department with smooth, uninterrupted cellular network service, allowing the police staff to remotely monitor real time footage of large scale events and deploy police resources where needed, increasing the efficiency of providing event security and safety. GIGABYTE’s H-Series High Density Servers are also helping to support ITRI’s “Private Cell Mobile Command Vehicle” by reducing the complexity of back-end infrastructure – each server combines computing, storage and networking into a single system, allowing for resources to be centralized and shared across different applications. The servers also optimize the use of time and manpower by combining and centralizing applications to simplify management procedures.
    What is Edge Computing? Definition and Cases Explained.
    Edge Computing: computing performed physically or logically as close as possible to where data is created and commands are executed. Offering excellent advantages in latency reduction for applications relying on real-time decision making.
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    GIGABYT will illustrate the key functions and applications that made 5G a highly anticipated technology evolution, and the pivotal role MEC (Multi-access Edge Computing) plays in bringing 5G into our lives. Let’s take a digital tour to experience the splendid 5G future, enabled by GIGABYTE’s edge computing solutions!
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