Machine Learning | 機器學習

  • 機器學習是什麼?
    機器學習(Machine Learning) 是電腦系統使用演算法和統計模型來有效執行特定任務的科學研究,無需使用明確的指令,而是依靠模型(models)和推論(inference)。它被視為人工智慧的一個子集。

  • 為何需要?

  • 誰會用到?
    如果有興趣開發任何形式的自動或半自動智慧設備,能夠根據以前經過訓練的Big Data做出相對應的回饋做出決策,那就需要進行培訓調整你的人工智慧。因此,機器學習是過程中必要的一環。

  • 技嘉的特色
    我們的DNN學習架構可以通過自動參數調整和更好的 GPU 記憶體利用率來優化批次處理操作。通過採用圖形介面,讓非技術使用者也能方便的操作實驗。DNN可以大幅縮短訓練過程中反複試驗的時間,使其成為將傳統企業轉型為智能世代的完美跨領域專業 AI 培訓計畫。。

    Facial Recognition Brings AI Education to Taiwan's Schools
    Taiwan's Ministry of Education is promoting AI learning. They want to reshape the school environment to make AI an integral part of students’ lives. In New Taipei, some elementary schools are installing GIGABYTE's AI-based facial recognition solution so students can check out books without a library card. Reading has never been easier, and educators can demonstrate the benefits of AI with this evergreen “teachable moment”.
    Decoding the Storm with GIGABYTE’s Computing Cluster
    Waseda University, the “Center for Disaster Prevention around the World”, has built a computing cluster with GIGABYTE’s GPU server and tower servers. They use it to study and prepare for natural disasters, such as tsunamis and storm surges. Efforts go into understanding the tropical cyclones of tomorrow, which are thought to become more dangerous due to climate change.
    Success Story: Achieving Naked-Eye 3D with Virtual Reality
    n'Space, a projector-based platform, is capable of implementing mixed reality without wearable devices. Users can immerse in a virtual environment and interact with 3D projections without the need to cover their faces with electronics. The real world just got an expansion pack in the infinite realm of the imagination. ArchiFiction, the company behind the invention, optimized the virtual experience with GIGABYTE's solution, which can process large amounts of data with high performance.
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