IoT | 物聯網

  • 物聯網IoT是什麼?
    物聯網(IoT)是指連結到互聯網的設備網絡,可以記錄或接收數據,而不需要任何人機互動。 這些設備可以是日常生活,商業或工業中的任何一種實物,例如,您家中的恆溫器、路邊的垃圾桶或工廠生產線上的設備。

  • 為何需要物聯網IoT?
    連結到互聯網的設備可以通過感測器收集訊息,並發送此訊息以進行分析、發出動作指令或從過程中學習 ; 或者,設備可以接收此訊息並採取行動,或兩者兼具。連結到互聯網可以使任何設備變得更智能。




  • 技嘉的特色
    技嘉專注於開發物聯網應用的終端和嵌入式運算解決方案。 我們的產品包括標準嵌入式主板物聯網閘道器設備,以及針對工業,零售農業或其他物聯網應用的半客製和完全客製的解決方案。

    Logistics Leader Initiates Smart Transformation with Customized Server Solutions from GIGABYTE
    A wave of intelligent transformation is sweeping through the global logistics sector. A major player in North America was looking to optimize its work flow and upgrade the sorting system in its distribution centers. GIGABYTE provided custom-built server solutions to help the client achieve peak performance and reliability. As a result, the efficiency of their deliveries and the quality of their services were drastically improved.
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    This year, 2020, Gigabyte Notebook brought mechanical keyboards back into play and is dedicated to making notebooks more compact than ever while being a pleasure to touch and use and is half the weight and half the thickness.
    [Video] CES 2020 Booth Tour
    Our CES booth is luminously lit to disseminate a futuristic aura, and live at the booth are tech demos available for visitors to touch and experience. On the show floor are our product experts providing insights and sharing technology experience. Let's take a look at how you can find your smart innovations in GIGABYTE's solutions!
    Do You Know About AIoT? The Practical Applications of Combining Artificial Intelligence with IoT
    AIoT: a combination of AI (Artificial Intelligence) and IoT (the Internet of Things), has recently become a hot topic, but what practical applications and benefits are directly relevant to our daily work and personal lives? The real value of adopting AIoT technology not only lies in its ability to reduce labor costs, but also in the large amount of data that is accumulated in the background, which can be analyzed to generate business insights and enable intelligent decision making. Deploying AIoT technology into your organization is not an easy task, but GIGABYTE can help – providing solutions for facial recognition and data analysis systems that can quickly guide your company to enable intelligent digital transformation.
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