Big Data | 大數據

  • 大數據是什麼?
    大數據(Big Data)代表了企業每天收集的大量資料(包括結構化、半結構化和非結構化資料)。此資料可以由使用者(如客戶的財務交易資料)以及機器和流程(如感應器數據和事件日誌)生成。大數據就字面上便可以理解其龐大的資訊量,隨著時間推移擷取的數據有可能從TB、PB甚至達到EB等級。

  • 你為什麼需要它? 誰需要它?
    大數據的重點不在於擁有多少資料,而是如何運用這些龐大的資料庫 — 越龐大的資料庫具有更巨大的潛力,可以進行數據分析,從而做出更好的決策,包括降低成本、節省時間、增加產品開發和更準確的戰略決策。可以舉例如下:

    • 在近乎實時(real time)的狀態下確認各種故障、問題事件和缺陷的根本原因。
    • 依據客戶的購買習慣在銷售時自動產生相對應的優惠券。
    • 在數分鐘內重新計算整體風險組合。
    • 根據金融交易的過程即時檢測欺詐行為。


  • 技嘉的特色
    GIGABYTE 擁有多種伺服器解決方案,可提供儲存和分析組織大數據所需的後端伺服器基礎架構。

    GIGABYTE 的S系列儲存伺服器提供高密度的3.5英吋硬碟容量,可為您的原始資料提供 PB 級儲存,無論是作為單純硬體與您選擇的軟體結合使用,還是作為整合式軟體定義儲存裝置像是BigTera軟體定義儲存解決方案

    此外,GIGABYTE 的R系列機架式伺服器H系列高密度伺服器提供了一系列具有強大運算和熱儲存功能的系統,用於分析和處理這些資料。

    Success Story: Achieving Naked-Eye 3D with Virtual Reality
    n'Space, a projector-based platform, is capable of implementing mixed reality without wearable devices. Users can immerse in a virtual environment and interact with 3D projections without the need to cover their faces with electronics. The real world just got an expansion pack in the infinite realm of the imagination. ArchiFiction, the company behind the invention, optimized the virtual experience with GIGABYTE's solution, which can process large amounts of data with high performance.
    Over 100,000 Pokémon Fanatics Gather to Catch ‘Em All - See How GIGABYTE’s High Density Servers Help Maintain Law & Order
    Large scale events can lead to a sudden surge in crowds, creating cellular network congestion. Even if the user capacity of a cell tower user is upgraded, the network operator is still unable to cope with an abrupt increase in demand. In 2019 Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) therefore designed and built a “Private Cell Mobile Command Vehicle”, which can deploy a pre-5G private cellular network to avoid the problem of commercial network traffic jams. The vehicle provides the New Taipei City Police Department with smooth, uninterrupted cellular network service, allowing the police staff to remotely monitor real time footage of large scale events and deploy police resources where needed, increasing the efficiency of providing event security and safety. GIGABYTE’s H-Series High Density Servers are also helping to support ITRI’s “Private Cell Mobile Command Vehicle” by reducing the complexity of back-end infrastructure – each server combines computing, storage and networking into a single system, allowing for resources to be centralized and shared across different applications. The servers also optimize the use of time and manpower by combining and centralizing applications to simplify management procedures.
    Storage Systems are Extremely Important for Business Continuity
    In an era of increasing technological advancement, an important issue for enterprises and the key to maintaining business continuity is how to prevent important data from being accidentally lost due to human error, deliberately deleted or even stolen.