2019 CES Recap

A showcase of smart solutions that will propel 5G technology advancement.
GIGABYTE was proud to share many compelling products and solutions to attendees of CES 2019. Here is a brief wrap-up in case you were unable to attend:
Immersion Cooling
Two-phase liquid immersion cooling of a GIGABYTE high performance computing system. Immersion cooling is a key technology for the data center of tomorrow – liquid is much more energy efficient at cooling than air, allowing you to reduce power consumption & environmental impact. To learn more, please download our Liquid Immersion Cooling solution brief.
Software Defined Storage Appliance
GIGABYTE has partnered with software vendor Bigtera to offer a range of VirtualStor turnkey storage appliances, offering unbeatable flexibility, scalability and performance. On show at CES was our H-Series 2U 4 node server showcased with VirtualStor Extreme, a high-performance all-flash SSD storage platform that offers 800,000 IOPS and a bandwidth of 10GB/s per chassis, and a consistent latency of less than 1 millisecond. Also available are VirtualStor Scaler for high capacity scale-out storage, and VirtualStor Converger for hyper-converged storage.
Aero 15 Laptops For Gaming & Content Creation
GIGABYTE's latest ultra-slim and light yet powerful Aero 15 Series laptops feature the latest NVIDIA RTX 20 series graphics cards together with Intel's Core i7-8750H or upgradeable to the Core i9-8950HK, an unlocked 6-core hyper threaded processor, as well as incorporating Microsoft Azure-powered AI technology to optimize CPU and GPU power delivery according to each application’s unique requirements.
DNN Training Appliance
GIGABYTE's G481-HA1 is a 4U, 10 x GPGPU server, using a single-root topology (1 CPU controls all 10 x GPGPUs) making it ideal for DNN (deep neural networks) training and other AI / machine learning workloads. GIGABYTE can not only provide the hardware but also combine the G481-HA1 together with a software stack from ITRI that optimizes performance for DNN training.
Smart Digital Signage
GIGAIPC, the embedded solutions specialist of GIGABYTE, provides a range of embedded systems and motherboards suitable to build your smart digital signage solution.
AMD EPYC Workstation
GIGABYTE has brought the impressive compute and I/O capabilities of AMD EPYC to a new single socket tower server that can support four GPGPU cards, making it ideal for SOHO, SME, universities or other organizations requiring a cost effective, high performance engine for simulation, machine learning or other AI, HPC or data processing workloads. VGA graphics cards may also be installed instead, turning the W291-Z00 into a powerful tool for CAD modeling or 3D rendering.
AMD EPYC Servers for Hyper-Converged Infrastructure
GIGABYTE's H261-Z60 and H261-Z61 combine four dual socket, hot pluggable nodes. Each node supports dual AMD EPYC processors - with up to 32 cores / 64 threads per processor, meaning that a single 2U chassis could feature up to 256 cores / 512 threads – making this product ideal for cloud computing, HPC or other applications requiring a massive amount of compute power in a single box.
Marvell ThunderX2 Arm Server
GIGABYTE is bringing Arm to the server world with our Marvell ThunderX2 server systems, currently available in 1U & 2U dual-socket rackmount configurations and soon in 2U 4 node versions, with up to 32 cores and 128 threads per processor, offering a genuine alternative to x86 for your HPC or mainstream data center deployment.
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To Empower Scientific Study, NTNU Opens Center for Cloud Computing
High performance computing has a critical role to play in modern-day scientific research. The College of Science at National Taiwan Normal University anticipated the importance and rapid development of HPC. It purchased GIGABYTE servers to establish the Center for Cloud Computing on its campus, with an eye towards completing research projects more quickly and cultivating professionally trained experts in the field.
 How to Build Your Data Center with GIGABYTE? A Free Downloadable Tech Guide
GIGABYTE is pleased to publish our first long-form “Tech Guide”: an in-depth, multipart document shedding light on important tech trends or applications, and presenting possible solutions to help you benefit from these innovations. In this Tech Guide, we delve into the making of “Data Centers”—what they are, who they are for, what to keep in mind when building them, and how you may build your own with products and consultation from GIGABYTE.
Constructing the Brain of a Self-Driving Car
GIGABYTE’s High Density Servers Help Technology Innovator Develop Algorithm for Autonomous Vehicle.
Storage Systems are Extremely Important for Business Continuity
In an era of increasing technological advancement, an important issue for enterprises and the key to maintaining business continuity is how to prevent important data from being accidentally lost due to human error, deliberately deleted or even stolen.
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