AMD EPYC Solutions

EPYC Servers are Primed for HPC, Cloud, and Edge Computing

All Around Better Performance on a Cutting Edge Platform

GIGABYTE is one of the earliest server partners to develop and sell AMD EPYC solutions. With the launch of 2nd gen EPYC, GIGABYTE is poised to offer a complete line of servers for all workloads. Having up to 64 cores makes the EPYC an excellent choice for High Performance Computing, especially because of the increase in I/O and memory bandwiths. GIGABYTE EPYC servers are perfect for the cloud as more requests can be done at a time while keeping the power consumption more or less the same. In Edge Computing, EPYC servers have low latency while maintaining high performance value. So, many workload scenarios will benefit having the AMD EPYC architecture in GIGABYTE servers.
Why AMD EPYC Solution
  • performance
    High Performance

    AMD EPYC 7002 Series Processors bring the world’s highest per-core performance platform to x86.

  • high_efficiency
    Leading Technology

    2nd gen AMD EPYC servers have PCI-e 4.0 and greater support for improved memory bandwith that improves speed and capacity.

  • iot_cloud_edge
    Complete EPYC Line-up

    GIGABYTE has the most complete EPYC line-up for all workloads from high performance to edge computing to cloud computing.

  • defence_leader
    Revolutionary Technology

    EPYC ROME platform has the speed and capability to handle next gen workloads while suited for the systems of today.

  • friendly
    Strong Relationship

    GIGABYTE is one of the earliest server partners to develop and sell AMD EPYC solutions, and continues to update the server list.

  • multi_user
    Worldwide Sales Channels

    GIGABYTE has a wealth of channels in USA, EU, China, Japan, Russia, India, and S.E. Asia to push the AMD EPYC platform.

GIGABYTE is Making History with AMD EPYC
One of the earliest server partners, providing the most fulfilling EPYC line-up to the market

AMD EPYC Solutions Supercharge Mission Critical Applications

  • High Performance Computing

    GIGABYTE provide H262 EPYC series that support 4 Nodes in 2U. Also, 2 AMD EPYC ROME SoCs and 16 DIMMs are in each node with a GIGABYTE optimized thermal solution for quality consistency.

  • Cloud Computing

    GIGABYTE MB M series and multi-purpose R series can provide a wide range of choices for single processor and dual processor platforms.

  • Edge Computing

    GIGABYTE's small form factor chassis, single processor solution, and the H242 make a perfect fit for edge computing.

You May Be Curious

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Are all GIGABYTE EPYC platforms available to buy?
Most of GIGABYTE EPYC platforms, including R , HGSW series are released with Naples (1st Gen) and Rome (2nd Gen). And there are more servers to come. But for now there is a GIGABYTE server ready for all 1st and 2nd gen AMD EPYC processors. And when 3rd Gen does come out, GIGABYTE will have fast TTM.
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When will GIGABYTE release AMD Milan?
As soon as Milan is available GIGABYTE will have a compatible solution. As for Milan's launch schedule, GIGABYTE will release on TTM with AMD.
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Can EPYC platforms support NVIDIA and AMD GPUs?
Yes, AMD has their own GPU brand - Radeon Instinct with PCIe Gen4. And NVIDIA has officially announced that GPU cards and CUDA can be supported on EPYC platforms. So, both brands of GPUs are able to be used in GIGABYTE servers.
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Where can I find more information about servers with the new AMD EPYC 7002?
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Where can I buy a GIGABYTE server?
GIGABYTE has sales offices in many countries around the world. Consumers can find the nearest distributor or system integrator contact information from the GIGABYTE website (
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How long is GIGABYTE's server product warranty?
The warrany period for GIGABYTE's server motherboards and barebones servers is dependent on many factors. Confirm with your seller.
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If my GIGABYTE server products are out of warranty, are there any repair options available?
First, in order to confirm warranty, you can submit an online RMA request and we will determine if your product is indeed out of warranty. If the board/system is out of warranty, there will be a cost involved if you wish to have it fixed by GIGABYTE.

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